The goal of The Evidence Toolkit is to encourage thinking about thinking, and in particular to stimulate and scaffold critical thinking of print and online media. To do this, we have carefully selected articles representing different political and thematic orientations, both news and op-ed, including one article that is satirical. For each article, we have designed the software, the lesson plans and the teacher notes to encourage students to ask deep questions of the content and its context. Students are guided towards answers to those questions that have been assembled by a team of experts. Help is available in the form of illustrations of each concept taken from episodes of the BBC Radio 4 radio programme, The Moral Maze, in which combative, provocative and engaging live debate depends upon the quick witted reasoning skills of the participants. Finally, after having worked on the pre-prepared articles, students are invited to try out their skills on articles of their choosing, where there is no longer guidance from experts, only hints and tips on the process from the software. At that point the training wheels are off, and the students are free to exercise their new-found skills of critical thinking.


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Air pollution: Are diesel cars always the biggest health hazard?
Theo Leggett, BBC News
All dietary advice was fruit company conspiracy
The Daily Mash
Homelessness is now the public face of this Tory era
Polly Toynbee, The Guardian
Credibility does not hinge on wearing sleeves
Katty Kay, BBC News
Fake beggars are exploiting the British public - and the real homeless
Sarah Vine, The Daily Mail
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